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Venetia Falconer: TV Presenter & Recipe Creator

Venetia Falconer is a TV presenter, vlogger & blogger with a passion for delicious food and natural beauty remedies. Previously working in media and production, you'll probably recognise her face from 4Music and MTV where she interviewed top A-list celebrities. Switching the celebrities for cooking, Venetia is now one of the faces of online food network Tastemade and can be found in the kitchen cooking up vegan delights.

We caught up with Venetia to find out more about her love for food, who she's inspired by and her favourite ingredient:

Describe yourself in a sentence...A TV presenter/producer and newbie vlogger with a love for all things food, yoga and music.

My love for food began…At the point when I was old enough to eat chocolate. My sisters are I were only allowed chocolate on Saturdays which was our 'sweetie day' and I'd think all week about what I was going to pick (usually a Curly Wurly). Needless to say, my Cadbury's days are over, but I'm in for the long haul with the good stuff (cacao).

My idea of food heaven is...I love festival food. Nothing makes me happier than dancing in the sunshine with my friends, then finding a great vegan spot and cosying up on the grass to refuel. I find sitting down in a restaurant can often feel so fussy. I like to be outside with my feet on the ground.

My feel good advice...Do something every day - just for you - that makes you feel good. Even if it's small. For me, it's making an English breakfast tea with lots of oat milk before starting the day.

I am inspired by...My mum. She's a tiny little thing but the strongest and most loving person I know. I'm also hugely inspired by my boyfriend. His ambition astounds and motivates me every single day.

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? This is a no-brainer, CACAO. I love stirring it into almond milk with a little vanilla as a hot chocolate, or adding a teaspoon to porridge with the juice and zest from an orange. Move over Terry.

Watch Venetia's '5 Vegan Snack Hacks', which includes a tasty recipe featuring Aduna Super-Cacao Powder, or check out some more of her recipes on her blog & Tastmakers page.