Aduna Feel Good Tribe

Lola Campbell:
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Lola Campbell


Initially I was attracted to Aduna through my love of health and food. I've always led a very healthy and holistic approach to life; appreciating wholesome, natural food, so it makes me very happy to be working in this environment everyday.
After just a few days of working for Aduna and learning about baobab, I was captivated by the possibility of this incredible fruit. One fruit that can benefit the health of so many, and at the same time empower the lives of millions of women in Africa.

With so many of us who enjoy our job and fully believe in the company, it's an absolute pleasure to work for Aduna and I can't wait to Make Baobab Famous!


Lola began her career as an Aduna Feel Good Intern where she developed skills in sales and marketing at a grass roots level. She was later promoted to the role of Communications Assistant within Aduna; responsible for e-mail marketing, press requests and growing the Aduna Feel Good Tribe through blogger outreach and brand partnerships. Lola graduated from Portsmouth University in Media Studies, as an avid hockey player, she worked her way up the University of Portsmouth Hockey Club committee and led the club as President in her final year.

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