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          Emina Dobardzic:
          International Sales Manager

          Emina Dobardzic: International Sales Manager

          Why Aduna: 

          I always wanted my work to have a broader positive impact on society, which lead me to pursue a degree in Development. Unfortunately, I felt discouraged by seemingly never-ending cases of aid being injected into projects, and yet little or no long-term transformation being achieved. Aduna for me came as a fresh opportunity and idea; whereby in creating a global demand for underutilised African ingredients, we are bringing about a virtuous circle where people are empowered at both ends. African positivity and vibrancy is transmitted through our products, whilst creating sustainable incomes for millions of rural households in Africa.


          Emina started her career as an Aduna Feel Good intern. During her time at Aduna she gained crucial experience in sales and marketing on a national and international level and eventually progressed to the position of the International Sales Manager. She is responsible for driving Aduna’s international market expansion - this involves opening new markets and managing the existing ones. Emina has a multicultural background, speaks five languages and holds a BA degree in Development Studies and Politics with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.

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