Aduna Feel Good Tribe

          Andrew Hunt:
          Co-Founder & Managing Director

          Why Aduna?

          Aduna means ‘life’ in Wolof, the local language of The Gambia. And it was in this tiny stretch of land they call ‘The Smiling Coast’, which I first arrived in 2005, ironically enough in a state of clinical depression. It was the warmth of this place and its people which, within an amazing three weeks, ‘cured’ me; giving me not so much ‘the will to carry on’, as a completely new lease of life, an all-consuming passion for Africa and, ultimately, the inspiration to create Aduna, along with my co-founder, Nick.

          In personal terms, Aduna the brand is the culmination of every single thing that ever happened to me in my own life; of every wrong and right turn I have taken, of every lesson I have learned, and the expression of every talent I have. It is my way of making a positive impact and also my way of sharing with the world what Africa gave me – which is nothing less than life itself.


          Andrew started his career in the advertising industry, developing and launching consumer brands for companies such as Pfizer and Heinz, before going through a radical life change that saw him move to West Africa. 

          During his four years living and working in The Gambia, he set up and managed Gambia is Good, a horticultural marketing company working with 1000 small-scale producers. In 2008 the enterprise won three international awards, including a United Nations World Business & Development Award.

          His passion for combining entrepreneurship with development in Africa has also seen him work on other high-impact projects in Ghana, Senegal and Zambia. 

          Andrew believes passionately in the power of brands to create positive change in Africa. Andrew holds an MBA (Distinction) from Saїd Business School, The University of Oxford, and speaks Wolof, the local language of The Gambia and Senegal.

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