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Chandni Sanghani:
Marketing Manager

Why Aduna?

As soon as I started at Aduna, I was captured by the possibilities of the brand.  Not just what it can do for the people who buy Aduna products but also how it can help millions of people in rural Africa have a sustainable income. The more I spoke about Aduna and the properties of baobab, the more I fell in love with what I was doing (and the fact that it’s Rafiki’s fruit in The Lion King, my favourite Disney film, fuelled my passion further!)

Since working here, my eyes have been opened to the world of healthy living - something I had very little interest in before. The way I look at food has completely changed!

To have a job that creates so much positivity for others as well as myself is the reason I am here. I completely believe in the brand and what it can achieve and, as one of the first Aduna Feel Good Interns, being part of that journey is something I just can’t miss out on! 


Chandni began her career as an Aduna Feel Good Intern where she developed skills in sales and marketing at a grass roots level. She was later promoted to the role of Online Community Manager within Aduna, followed by Digital & Creative Manager. She now manages all aspect of marketing including digital marketing, PR, collateral and packaging development. Chandni graduated with a BA in Media and has completed her Masters in Film Production.