Aduna Feel Good Tribe

Karen Ellis:
Creative Partner & Creative Director


As an artist, I love all things ‘beauty’. As a health-conscious yogini, I know the power of health and its effect on us both inside and out. As an avid traveller soul-surfer, I know that no matter where we are, we all have the same vibrant soul within us. As a creative director, I know I have the experience and vision to create brands which make a positive impact on how women feel. As a citizen of the world, I want to use what I have learned to make a difference. Meeting Andrew 2 years ago in Rome, I knew in an instant that all of my experiences led me to that moment. I leapt to volunteer. Having the opportunity to create a sustainable life-changing impact for millions of households in rural Africa is deeply motivating to me. They say all roads lead to Rome. I say all roads lead to Aduna.


Karen is an award-winning global creative director with over 20 years experience creating campaigns for major beauty brands such as Estée Lauder, Revlon, L’Oreal, Avon as well as for prestige fragrance franchise Hugo Boss. In 2010, Karen founded Ellis of London, a bespoke brand consultancy designed to connect her vast creative and brand strategy experience with fresh entrepreneurial thinkers. Her passionate belief in the transformational power of the mind body spirit connection also lead her to create her own yogic-inspired lifestyle line chakra®, devoted to the principles of using colour for well-being in everyday life. Her intense desire to make a beautiful difference in the world led her to Aduna.

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