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Baobab, Blueberry & Cashew Cream Smoothie

1 Serving(s)

This ultra creamy smoothie is one of our favourite ways to incorporate baobab into our day. It makes an incredible breakfast or afternoon pick me up, the cashews providing you with plenty of plant protein and the baobab and blueberries giving you a healthy dose of antioxidants. 

Serves 1


2 tsp Aduna Baobab Powder
1/4 cup cashew nuts
1 banana (preferably frozen)
1 cup blueberries
1 cup oat/almond/brown rice milk
1 Medjool date


    Add everything to a blender and blend until smooth.


    Note: If your blender isn't very powerful, you may need to soak the cashews for a few hours before blending to ensure the smoothie is velvety smooth.

    Recipe by Naturally Sassy

    Ingredients list: