Baobab Cashew Milk

Baobab Cashew Milk

This creamy and nourishing alternative to milk, is an easy way to add baobab into your day! Add to your cereal, porridge, smoothies or heat it up for a comforting hot drink.


1-2 tsp Aduna Baobab Powder
1 cup cashews
3 Medjool dates
4 cups water


    Soak the cashews overnight in cold water. 

    Drain in the morning and add to a blender along with the other ingredients. Make sure to pit your dates! 

    Blend on high power for around 3 minutes, or until completely smooth.

    Pour through a nut milk pulp bag/muslin cloth, squeezing the bag to get all the milk out.

    Discard the pulp and store the milk in an air-tight container. 


    Recipe by Naturally Sassy

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