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Ingredients: Organic raw fonio grain (pre-washed)

Gluten-free Light & nutty Cooks in 3 minutes

Fonio "Seed of the Universe"

Fonio has been grown in West Africa for over 5,000 years. Prized for its delicious nutty flavour, it is packed with natural goodness and easy to use.

Fonio is the stuff of legend: the Dogon people of Mali believe the entire universe was born out of a single fonio grain.


Deliciously light and nutty with a fluffy couscous-like texture, fonio is versatile and easy to use.

...salads, soups, stews & buddah bowls

...make into porridge, pancakes & waffles

...rice, quinoa, couscous & polenta

...try stir-fries, burgers, casseroles & stuffed peppers

Why Aduna Fonio?

Aduna Fonio creates sustainable incomes for over 320 women farmers in Southern Mali as well as helping to restore degraded soils.

Health benefits

  • Low GI
  • Rich in iron, helping reduce tiredness & fatigue
  • Rich in amino acids
  • A source of zinc, vitamins B1 & B3 and phosphorus


Fonio Super-Grain

Aduna Fonio 1kg
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Aduna Fonio 250g
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Fonio Super-Grain
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6x Aduna Fonio 250kg
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