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          Unrooted Energy: Baobab-packed drinks to fuel your day

          Aduna Loves: Unrooted Energy

          Modern life often requires us to be switched on 24/7 and it can be hard to sustain your energy levels to keep up the pace! We’ve all been there: resorting to strong coffee or sugary snacks to get through the day despite the inevitable post-high slump and to the detriment of our health goals.

          If in doubt, baobab always has the answer - especially when it comes to a natural energy source - and at Aduna Towers we are big fans of Unrooted’s Fresh Energy drinks to sustain our energy levels all day long.

          Nathan, the founder of Unrooted Energy, learned about the wonders of baobab during a trip to Kenya and was inspired to produce a drink that provides the body with "fresh energy" created from all-natural ingredients and no caffeine.

          Every bottle of Unrooted Energy is free from artificial additives and those pesky hidden sugars found in most energy drinks. 100% natural, each drink contains 10 grams of active baobab mixed in lightly carbonated water along with a small number of other natural ingredients. The baobab creates a drink packed full of prebiotic fibre, vitamin C and a whole variety of antioxidants and micronutrients, which all work together to enhance your immune and digestive systems, regulate blood sugar levels and even give your metabolism a boost.

          Available in three tasty flavours: Baobab & Mango, Baobab & Pomegranate and Baobab & Ginger, Unrooted Energy is currently sold in the UK at Selfridges and Planet Organic or you can order online

          For more information visit the Unrooted Energy website.

          Competition time:

          Enter to win 12 bottles of Unrooted Energy's super-powered drinks as well as some of our very own baobab energy bars and powders. The perfect baobab experience to keep you going for days on end! The prize includes:

          • 4 x Unrooted Energy Drink - Baobab & Mango
          • 4 x Unrooted Energy Drink - Baobab & Pomegranate
          • 4 x Unrooted Energy Drink - Baobab & Ginger
          • 8 x Aduna Superfruit Blast Energy Bars
          • 8 x Aduna Banana Boost Energy Bars
          • 1 x Pouch of Aduna Baobab Superfruit Powder

          Here are the three ways in which you can enter: 

          On Instagram, follow us and @unrootedenergy and tag a fellow superfood lover in a comment on our post.

          On Twitter, follow us and retweet our competition tweet.

          On Facebook, like our page and @unrootedenergy and tag a friend in a comment on our competition post. It's that simple.

          Good luck Tribers!

          Competition ends 12th September 2019.


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