Moringa, Avocado & Coffee Smoothie

          Aduna Moringa, Avocado & Coffee Smoothie

          Turn your morning coffee into a nutrient-packed smoothie! Blended up with creamy avocado, dried figs and our mighty moringa, you've got yourself a sweet and delicious drink that will keep you powered all morning. Moringa contains vitamins and minerals that help with energy release so taking it daily is a powerful natural weapon against tiredness and fatigue. 

          Serves 2


          1 tsp Aduna Moringa Powder
          1 large ripe avocado
          1 cup of coffee, cooled
          1 cup of almond milk
          6 dried figs
          1 cup ice cubes
          Vanilla extract to taste


          Put all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the mix into your favourite jar or glass. 


          Recipe by The Vegan Option 


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