Moringa Banana Chocolate Smoothie

          Moringa Banana Chocolate Smoothie

          Satisfy those chocolate cravings in a way that will leave you feeling good! This smoothie is so velvety and cacaolicious, it can double up as dessert. Banana, avocado and dates blend together to give an ultra creamy texture and the 2 full tablespoons of cacao bring a rich, chocolatey flavour. Don't forget the moringa powder for some secret green goodness. 

          Serves 2


          1/4 tsp Aduna Moringa Powder
          2 tbsp Aduna Super-Cacao Powder
          1 banana
          1/2 avocado
          2 Medjool dates
          1 1/2 cups non-dairy milk


          Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.


          Recipe by Naturally Sassy 

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