Baobab & Cherry Spiced Chia Pudding

          Baobab and Cherry Spiced Puddings

          Bring some festive flavour to your chia pudding like Aduna Feel Good Triber Natalia with a seasonal blend of spices, vanilla and juicy berries. Not only delicious, but with the mix of Baobab and chia seeds, these puddings are a great source of skin-loving antioxidants and fibre - helping to promote good digestion which we could definitely use at this indulgent time of year!


          Serves 4

          1 tbsp Aduna Baobab Powder
          3 cups almond milk
          1/3 cup cherry juice
          7 pitted and mashed cherries
          3/4 cup chia seeds
          1/2 tsp vanilla extract
          3/4 tsp cinnamon
          3 - 4 cloves
          1/3 tsp grated nutmeg
          (Handful of fresh blueberries and a pinch of star anise)


          Combine all the ingredients in a jar and place in the fridge to soak overnight.
          Decorate with a handful of fresh blueberries and star anise.


          Recipe by Natalia

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