Neapolitan Baobab Chia Pudding

          Neapolitan Baobab Chia Pudding


          This Neapolitan Baobab Chia Pudding by Aduna Feel Good Triber Mari Narbrough ticks all the right boxes: it's full of nourishing ingredients, looks like a piece of art and with two teaspoons of baobab inside, it has your daily dose of the #feelgoodfruit! We know what we'll be making for breakfast tomorrow...

          This recipe makes two 400ml glasses.


          Chia pudding:
          2 tbsp chia seeds
          100ml plant-based yoghurt and 200ml plant-based milk soaked for few hours to overnight in the fridge. Add more milk if the pudding is too thick. 

          Red berry smoothie:
          2 tsp baobab
          100ml frozen lingonberries, or other red berries
          1 small banana, or fruit of choice
          Oat milk, about 50-100ml (be careful to not add too much milk - the thicker the smoothie, the easier it is to layer).

          Raw chocolate smoothie:
          100ml of chia pudding
          2 tbsp raw cacao powder
          1 small banana or other sweetener to taste
          1 tsp vanilla
          Add as much oat milk as you need to make the texture you like!


          Blend both smoothies on high speed. Layer the chia and chocolate smoothies in a glass or jar and top with your favourite toppings.  


          Recipe by Blueberry Smoothies.

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