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Healthy Chocolate Ice Lollies

Aduna Healthy Chocolate Ice Lollies

These mouth-watering chocolate ice lollies are so simple to make and are perfect for when you want a refreshing sweet treat that's a healthier alternative to shop bought brands. With a delicious chocolatey flavour, vegan, full of antioxidants and fibre, they are an all round winner!    

Serves 4


For the lollies:
4 tsp Aduna Super-Cacao Powder
350ml Plenish Hazelnut M*lk
3 dates, pitted
1 tbsp peanut butter
2 small bananas 

To decorate: (optional)
melted dark chocolate
crushed nuts
desiccated coconut


Place all the ingredients in a nutribullet or blender and blend until a smooth mixture forms. 

Pour the chocolate mixture into the ice lolly moulds and pop a stick into each. Transfer to the freezer and leave to set for 2-4 hours.

Remove each lolly from the moulds when ready to serve and decorate with melted dark chocolate, desiccated coconut, crushed nuts and raspberries.  


Recipe by Aduna

Aduna Healthy Chocolate Ice Lollies

Ingredients list: