Superfood Powders

Aduna’s superfoods come from some of the planet’s most nutrient-rich plants. For a daily health boost, stir into water, smoothies, juices and sweet and savoury dishes.

We source our superfoods directly and ethically from small-scale producers. Every purchase makes a real difference.


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The Ultimate Superfood Bundle
The Ultimate Superfood Bundle Sale price£49.99 Regular price£54.95
Super Greens Advanced Superfood BlendSuper Greens Advanced Superfood Blend
Beauty Advanced Superfood BlendBeauty Advanced Superfood Blend
Mind Advanced Superfood BlendMind Advanced Superfood Blend
Digestion Advanced Superfood BlendDigestion Advanced Superfood Blend
Energy Advanced Superfood BlendEnergy Advanced Superfood Blend
Super Cacao PowderSuper Cacao Powder
Super Cacao Powder Sale priceFrom £6.99
Moringa PowderMoringa Powder
Moringa Powder Sale priceFrom £6.99
Hibiscus PowderHibiscus Powder
Hibiscus Powder Sale priceFrom £13.99
Baobab PowderBaobab Powder
Baobab Powder Sale priceFrom £5.99
Fonio Super GrainFonio Super Grain
Fonio Super Grain Sale priceFrom £3.99
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Baobab & Moringa BundleBaobab & Moringa Bundle
Baobab & Moringa Bundle Sale priceFrom £11.50 Regular price£12.98
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Baobab, Moringa & Super Cacao BundleBaobab, Moringa & Super Cacao Bundle
Baobab, Moringa & Super Cacao Bundle Sale priceFrom £16.99 Regular price£18.97
On sale
Baobab & Super Cacao BundleBaobab & Super Cacao Bundle
Baobab & Super Cacao Bundle Sale priceFrom £10.50 Regular price£11.98
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Moringa & Super Cacao BundleMoringa & Super Cacao Bundle
Moringa & Super Cacao Bundle Sale priceFrom £11.50 Regular price£12.98
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Cacao BundleHow to use Super-Cacao Powder
Cacao Bundle Sale price£15.99 Regular price£19.97
Moringa CapsulesMoringa Capsules
Moringa Capsules Sale priceFrom £19.99