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Baobab Sourcing: The Aduna Difference

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We are pioneers of the global baobab industry. Working in partnership with the African Union's Great Green Wall, we have created an ethical supply chain out of Upper East Ghana and Centre-Sud Burkina Faso. We supply our award-winning, organic baobab powder to buyers around the world.

Bulk Baobab: Great Taste Award  


Aduna Baobab is the only baobab powder to have won a Great Taste Award. We supply the same premium product in bulk as we pack into our own brand

Bulk Baobab: Ethically Sourced Baobab Powder


Our ethical supply chain model has won a number of major international awards and we are now working in partnership with the African Union's epic & inspiring Great Green Wall to scale our supply-chain and expand our impact. To date we have created sustainable incomes for over 2,000 women in Ghana and Burkina Faso transforming their lives and those of their 12,000 dependents.

Baobab Bulk: 100% Organic & Wild Harvested


Our baobab is certified organic by EcoCert and Soil Association. It contains no pesticides, additives, preservatives, gluten or allergens

Cost-effective Baobab Powder


When you buy from Aduna you are buying directly from the producer, allowing for optimum cost-efficiency and traceability. All orders are dispatched from the UK within 2-3 business days




Just 10g of Aduna Baobab Powder provides 33% of your daily vitamin C requirement (NRV) – helping:

✓ strengthen the immune system – the body's defence against infections, diseases and other illnesses

✓ increase energy levels – reducing tiredness and fatigue

✓ skin health – supporting the production of collagen formation resulting in radiant, glowing skin and preventing wrinkles

✓ improve the absorption of iron – ideal for those suffering from iron deficiencies (over 30% of the population)

Aduna Baobab Vitamin C Graph

Aduna Baobab Benefit Stamps


Aduna Baobab Powder is almost 50% fibre, two thirds of which is soluble prebiotic fibre –providing a wide range of health benefits:

✓ improves blood sugar – studies have shown baobab powder helps to slow down the release of sugars into the blood stream, thanks to its high polyphenol and soluble fibre content. This could be beneficial to those with type 2 diabetes

✓ supports digestive health – by enabling foods to move through the digestive system

✓ natural prebiotic – the soluble fibres in baobab are prebiotic, helping the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria and supporting gut health

✓ satiety – research has shown baobab can increase satiety, with potential benefits for weight management

✓ heart health - studies have suggested that fibre can have a positive effect on heart health, helping to reduce blood pressure and inflammatory conditions

Aduna Baobab Fibre Comparison Graph


According to The Journal of Nutrition, baobab has the highest antioxidant content of any whole fruit. Aduna Baobab Powder has an ORAC value of 24,523μ mol TE/100g, helping to:

✓ prevent ageing of the skin – by helping reduce the damage caused by free radicals

✓ counteract oxidative stress – which has been linked to the development of illnesses

Aduna Baobab Antioxidants Comparison Graph


Increasingly, manufacturers are turning to baobab as a new ingredient for their NPD not only for its delicious sherbet-like flavour and nutritional benefits but for the range of functional benefits it can provide in recipe formulations. Here are just some of the many ways baobab powder can be used:

GLUTEN & GRAIN-FREE PRODUCTS - thanks to its high levels of soluble fibre, baobab contributes to the binding, bulking and thickening of products, which is particularly desirable in recipe formulations like gluten- and grain-free crackers, biscuits and cereal bars

VEGAN RECIPES - thanks to its binding properties baobab can substitute eggs (similar to flaxseed or chia seeds) and can be beneficial in vegan recipes such as vegan cookies, cakes, muffins, patties and burgers

THICKENER/PRESERVATION AGENT – due to baobab’s high levels of pectin (a source of fibre) and citric acid (vitamin C), baobab can be used as a binding, thickening, gelling and preserving agent in products like jams, sauces, chutneys, marinades and condiments

RAISING AGENT – baobab contains organic acids (citric, tartaric, malic and succinic) which can help activate baking soda and enhance its effectiveness as a raising agent. This also adds lightness and sponginess to baked goods such as cakes, muffins and breads

COATING – as baobab comes in powder form and is rich in fibre, it can be used to absorb moisture and prevent stickiness as a substitute to flour in products like dried and/or candied fruit

NUTRITIONAL BOOST & DELICIOUS FLAVOUR – baobab’s range of health benefits and sweet and critussy flavour makes it the perfect addition to cereals, ice creams, smoothies/juices, desserts, yoghurts, chocolates and many other food products


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