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How you can help #MakeBaobabFamous

Aduna Founders Andrew Hunt & Nick Salter with David Gandy #MakeBaobabFamous

After months of planning and hard work by the Aduna team and all our amazing partners, lots of #baobablove and vats of baobab smoothies, we are delighted to announce that our #MakeBaobabFamous campaign is officially here! 

From 20th February to 31st March 2016, we are harnessing the power of the collective to create a breakthrough in awareness of baobab fruit. And we need your help! 

When we started out three years ago, 95% of people in the UK had never heard of baobab. If we can change that and turn baobab from a little known fruit into a household name, we can create sustainable income for 10 million households in rural Africa, pioneering a new industry that National Geographic estimates could be worth a billion dollars to African producers. All we need to do is #MakeBaobabFamous.


It's simple really, what we want to do is to get as many people as possible to discover baobab, its amazing health benefits and its social impact potential. We already have some big partners on board like Holland & Barrett, Virgin and Whole Foods, but we need the help of each and every Aduna Feel Good Triber to really get baobab trending.

If you are inspired to join us in our mission, here are some of the ways you can help.

We're running lots of social media competitions over the next month too. Find out more below and make sure to use the hashtag #MakeBaobabFamous in your posts and tag @adunaworld in your posts. You'll be able to see your post and track the rest of the campaign, on our LIVE #MakeBaobabFamous feed.


Snap a selfie holding our Make Baobab Famous flyer or a hand-scribbled one, post it and share it on your social channels with why you want to #makebaobabfamous for a chance to win 1 of 10 Baobab bundles (worth over £50).


Baobab is unlike other fruits in that it dries naturally on the branch producing a sweet and citrussy superfood powder that's a bit like healthy sherbet. It's a fantastic ingredient to use in your kitchen - just look at our baobab recipe page to see all the amazingly innovative recipes our Aduna Feel Good Tribers are coming up with. Help us spread awareness of baobab by creating your own #baobalicious recipe and sharing it on your social media channels. At the end of the 5 week campaign we'll be picking our favourite and the talented chef will win an £150 voucher to spend on our website. Make sure you tag @adunaworld and #makebaobabfamous to be in with a chance. 


You know your friends, family and followers better than anyone else so the best way you can Make Baobab Famous is to tell them all about the Feel Good Fruit in your own words. Here are some fun facts:

  • Unlike the fruit, baobab trees are already pretty famous with starring roles in The Lion King (Rafiki the monkey's tree), The Little Prince, Avatar (Tree of Souls) & Madagascar
  • Baobab trees are wild and community-owned. A global trade in baobab could create income for 10 million families - most of whom are struggling to survive on less than $1 a day - a far more sustainable and transformative solution than aid
  • Baobab is great for kids and can be used as an alternative to sugar to lightly sweeten porridge, yogurt or cereals
  • Baobab is a rich source of vitamin C, supporting energy release, the immune system and skin health

Share posts on social or write a blog post and direct people to for more info.


We've created a series of ready made Make Baobab Famous pictures with captions ready for you to share on your social networks. Whether you have 5 or 50,000 followers, every single person we can reach and tell about baobab counts. Choose your favourite or share them all and tag us in your posts! 


They say a picture speaks a thousand words but that a video speaks a thousand pictures! We've made a short 2 minute video of the Make Baobab Famous story - watch and share it with your network!


Health food shops across the UK are supporting the Make Baobab Famous campaign, including over 750 Holland & Barrett stores. Share a snap of the Aduna display in your local for a chance to win 1 of 3 Aduna gift boxes. Don't forget to tag @adunaworld and #makebaobabfamous!


The best thing you can do to help create transformation is to is try baobab for yourself, make it a regular part of your daily diet and experience all the feel good benefits! It's a great ingredient in elaborate recipes but works just as well sprinkled on your morning muesli, stirred into yoghurt and in other simple ways. Share how you get your daily baobab fix on social media + tag 5 friends in your post and get a free baobab bar! (first 200 entrants only). Take advantage of our exclusive offer and receive 25% off the whole Aduna range. SHOP HERE.


On behalf of the vibrant rural African communities we represent, a huge heartfelt thank you from the whole Aduna team for taking part in our campaign and for helping us turn The Inspiring Possibility of Baobab into a reality.

For more information, please email the Aduna team at or find us on Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram @adunaworld #MakeBaobabFamous.