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Fonio Porridge

1 Serving(s)

Porridge is definitely the go-to breakfast to keep you full and energised all morning and this fonio version is our new favourite. Nutrient-rich and gluten-free with a delicious light, nutty flavour and thick, creamy texture, it is the perfect way to super-charge your day. And as Fonio is rich in iron, it helps boost your immune system too.

Serves 1


50g Aduna Fonio Super Grain
240ml milk or half milk/ half water (if cooking on hob, 320ml milk)

To serve:
chia seeds
almond flakes


Microwave 50g fonio and 240ml milk for 3½ mins. Rest for 2 mins. 

For hob, use 320 milk, boil then simmer for 7-10 mins stirring often. Add more milk if needed.

Serve in a bowl with your toppings.


Ingredients list: