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Grown under the power of the African sun, Aduna’s superfoods are some of the planet’s most nutrient-rich foods. For a daily health boost, stir our Superfood Powders into smoothies, juices and dishes and enjoy delicious Fonio Super-Grain in salads, soups, porridge or as a side dish!

We source our superfoods directly from small-scale producers in Africa - every purchase makes a real difference.

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Hibiscus Powder New
From: £9.79
Baobab & Moringa Bundle
From: £8.05
Fonio Super-Grain
From: £3.99
Super-Cacao Powder
From: £4.19
Baobab Powder
From: £4.19
Moringa Powder
From: £4.89
Baobab, Moringa & Super-Cacao Bundle
From: £11.89
Baobab & Super-Cacao Bundle
From: £7.35
Moringa & Super-Cacao Bundle
From: £8.05