African Super Tea Bundle

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          African Super Tea Bundle

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          Bring out your natural vitality with this bundle of our Aduna Organic Super Teas. Including all five of our delicious flavours, you can reap each unique feel good benefit. 

          Lovingly made with whole pieces of fruit, herbs, leaves, flowers and spices, Aduna Super Teas are served in tea pyramids for superior brewing power and flavour. 

          Each bundle contains either one or three:

          Mint, Nettle & Moringa 'Cleanse' Super Tea: We hand pick the purest, greenest moringa leaves and blend them with fragrant peppermint and invigorating nettle, to create a super-cleansing brew that will leave you feeling as good as new. 

          Baobab, Lemon & Ginger 'Defence' Super Tea: This uplifting fusion of citrussy baobab fruit, fiery ginger and zesty lemon will leave you buzzing with feel good vibes.

          Cinnamon Spiced Cacao 'Relax' Super Tea: A warming embrace of chocolatey cacao, spiced with gently crushed cinnamon and cardamom. Sit back, revel in the delicious aroma and allow the ancient soothing power of African cacao to calm your mind and lift your spirits.

          Green Tea & Turmeric 'Restore' Super Tea: We blend organic green tea with the finest golden turmeric and a hint of black pepper to create the ultimate green infusion.

          Rosehip, Aloe Vera & Hibiscus 'Radiance' Super Tea: Vibrant hibiscus flowers and deep red rosehips are blended with lustrous elderberries and soothing aloe vera to create a powerful skin tonic with a delicious floral, fruity flavour.

          Sip with purpose - every tea supports the creation of sustainable incomes for rural African households.

          I bought the full set and I can't pick which is my favourite tea! They all taste amazing and I feel so much better after having them. Highly recommend!
          I bought these for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day because she's pregnant and has gone off coffee. She loved it and is obsessed with the hibiscus one particularly
          Will B

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