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Under the Baobab Tree with: Madeleine Shaw

Here at Aduna Towers, we're massive fans of the amazingly talented Madeleine Shaw, the nutritional health coach, speaker and yogi who has attracted legions of followers thanks to her simple nutritious recipes and ability to transform even the most boring salad into a work of art. You can imagine our excitement when we had the opportunity to catch up with Madeleine and talk about her new cook book - Get The Glow. 

Madeleine wasn't always a health-conscious foodie, her life was 'a cycle of depriving herself and binging' which led to the development of IBS and a leaky gut. Her journey into healthy eating didn't come overnight - she moved to Australia where she gradually became more aware of what she was putting into her body and the effects of the foods she ate. As she began to eat more whole foods, she slowly began to fall in love with food, life and herself again. 

Tell us all about your exciting new cook book! 

It is a 6 week programme that helps enliven the hottest, happiest and healthiest you. You are taken on a journey firstly quitting sugar, learning how to  think positively about your body, beat the bloat and live this healthy way as a lifestyle. It also includes 100 recipes from your green juice to slow roast lamb. It is my baby and I know you will love it!  

How would you summarise your wellness philosophy?

Eat foods you can grow, hunt or gather. Cook from scratch, load your plate with veggies and eat food that makes you happy! Move daily and be kind to your body... you only have one. 

Your book contains so many delicious recipes – some of which include meat and fish. Do you think it’s important not to be too strict with cutting out certain foods from your diet?

Yes. Meat and fish are packed full of protein and have been in our diet from the beginning. You don't have to eat it everyday day but good quality grassfed meat and fish are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for the body. I'm all about crowding in the good stuff not cutting out.

So many health and wellbeing enthusiasts look to you for advice and inspiration. Who do you look up to?

Lee Holmes (an Australian wellness guru) my mum and Diana Henry (an amazing chef and writer).

You are well known for your healthy lifestyle – have you got any vices?!

I love croissants and staying in my pyjamas all day long!

What are five easy swaps our readers can make to get the glow?

  1. White sugar for coconut sugar
  2. White bread for rye or buckwheat bread
  3. Margarine for coconut oil
  4. Low fat yoghurt for coconut yoghurt
  5. Negative thoughts for positive ones (You can do this!)

What are your favourite ways to use baobab & moringa?

I love them in smoothies or over my morning oats with cacao nibs and chia seeds. Yum!

Madeleine Shaw's new cookery book Get The Glow is out now.We have three copies to give away or you can order a copy here. 

Photo credit: Ellis Parrinder