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Top Tips For Marathon Runners

Running a marathon is no mean feat and before you've done your first one, it can often feel like you've set yourself an almost impossible task! 

British running brand TRIBE was founded by three close friends and ultra-runners Guy Hacking, Rob Martineau and Tom Stancliffe, who back in 2013 ran 39 marathons within 33 days through Eastern Europe to raise funds for child trafficking. 

Here are their top tips for first time marathon runners:


It may sound obvious but make sure you have comfortable kit to run in on the day. You'd be surprised by the amount of people who wear a brand new outfit on marathon day - but this is a big no-no. Wear something that is comfortable and that you've run in before. 

2. Eat healthy balanced meals

Make sure you get the right fuel before the big day. You burn huge amounts of calories during a marathon. It’s vital you provide your body with the correct nutrients to allow yourself to reach your full potential. Keep it natural - good quality wholefoods are the best sources of the nutrients you need. 

Eating nutrient-dense wholefoods like the African superfoods baobab, moringa and Super-Cacao are a great natural way to incorporate all the vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients your body needs to help you reach your fitness goals. 

People often talk about 'carbo-loading’ in the run up to race day. The theory behind this is that by eating lots of carbohydrate rich foods in the few days pre-race, you build a reserve of glycogen, giving you greater energy on the day. You should certainly be eating well in the days before, but there’s no need to shovel in endless plates of pasta! Make sure you eat a good balance of clean carbohydrate, protein and fats.  


Get enough sleep and keep hydrated (this is so important!). Make sure you get a really good quality nights sleep in the night before. It’s also very important to make sure you are correctly hydrating your body. The colour of water when you go to the loo is the best indicator - it should be transparent!


On race day, make sure you eat at least 2 hours before you start your run. Everyone has their own race day rituals. Oats for breakfast are a great source of slow-release energy and for an added energy-boost sprinkle in a teaspoon or two of vitamin C rich baobab powder. Have a carbohydrate rich snack to “top up” 40 minutes to 1 hour before (a ripe banana or a TRIBE energy bar are great options!). You will need fuel, so make sure you eat pre-race.  


If you're really struggling, with heat, fatigue or a nagging injury, always try to go right back to basics.  Focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Remember that every step forward is a step nearer the end and that each little bit further you go is making you stronger.

Running can be mentally tough, but it's about breaking the distance down so that it's not intimidating. Focus on small wins: holding the pace till the next corner, the end of the hill, the next water station.

On our thousand mile run, there was a day when Rob's leg had completely given out, and he had to walk 40 miles with a stick for support. He  shut everything out and focussed completely on little milestones. It took him 14 hours, but he made it through in the end.

Using music and food as rewards for making it through each milestone can be good psychologically too so save your music for when you are in a tough spot.

You can also find out more about TRIBE on our blog, Aduna Feel Good Tribers can also take advantage of an exclusive discount on their subscription boxes.