How Baobab Fruit Can Help Manage Your Blood Sugar

How Baobab Fruit Can Help Manage Your Blood Sugar

Since Channel 4 aired their Superfoods: The Real Story programme all about baobab, we've seen sales of this African fruit skyrocket - by as much as 1300% in one week! Why? The programme revealed groundbreaking research proving that the baobab fruit can help control blood sugar levels.

So what exactly is baobab? Baobab is a fruit from the African Baobab Tree - commonly known as the 'Tree of Life.' It is unique in that it dries on the branch producing a natural powder that is exceptionally rich in nutrients. Baobab powder has a delicious sweet and citrussy flavour, perfect for mixing into yoghurt, fruit, cereals, porridge, smoothies and juices. And best of all? It is a natural way to help manage your blood sugar.

Baobab fruit is rich in soluble fibre (34%) and polyphenols, both of which are known to help reduce glycaemic response (the rate at which sugar is absorbed in the body).

Baobab & blood sugar: the evidence

In 2012, Aduna conducted the world's first pilot-level clinical trial on a baobab product, looking specifically at glycaemic response. In the trial, which was conducted by scientists at the Functional Food Centre of Oxford Brookes University, a milk drink containing 17.4g of Aduna Baobab Powder consumed by healthy human participants resulted in a lower blood glucose response than a control drink which contained no baobab.

A year later in 2013, scientists at Oxford Brookes University carried out additional research into baobab and its potential to manage blood sugar. In this research, which was published in the scientific journal Nutrition, baobab was mixed into bread and water.

These baobab-infused foods were then given to healthy humans to consume, following which the rate of starch and sugar breakdown in the participants’ blood supply was measured. The study found that the added baobab significantly reduced the rate at which sugar was released into the blood supply post digestion.

Dr. Shelly Coe from Oxford Brookes University’s Centre for Nutrition and Health says: “We have carried out a number of studies on baobab fruit at our Centre and the results have consistently demonstrated that baobab can have a stabilising effect on blood glucose. Baobab is rich in fibre which can slow down the rise in blood glucose, helping prevent sugar spikes. It is also high in polyphenols which have been shown to effect the release of sugars from carbohydrates into the blood stream, reducing their conversion into glucose. Our studies have shown that along with a good diet and exercise, consuming baobab could help regulate your blood sugar.”

The research on healthy humans suggests that baobab could be helpful in managing the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, however more research is needed on this to draw any finite conclusions.

More health benefits of baobab

As well as helping control blood glucose levels, baobab fruit is 50% fibre, two thirds of which is soluble. Soluble fibre supports blood cholesterol levels and heart health, helping you feel fuller for longer, reducing visceral fat and supporting digestion.

On top of that, baobab is also extremely rich in vitamin C - gram per gram it contains 6x more than an orange - and it has more antioxidants than any other whole fruit. So adding baobab to your diet also helps support a strong immune system, energy release and healthy skin. Ready to try it yet?

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