Aduna Energy Bars (Mixed Bundle)

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          Aduna Energy Bars (Mixed Bundle)

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          • 1 of each £5.67 GBP£3.74 GBP
          • Mixed case of 15 £23.00 GBP£17.25 GBP

          100% Fruit & Nut Bars. Natural & Organic. No Added Sugar. 

          Can't decide which Aduna bar to try or which is your favourite? Treat yourself to all three or a mixed case of bars so you can get the best of all worlds! Each case consists of 15 delicious cold-pressed raw energy bars, in three delicious flavours: 

          5 x Aduna Baobab Raw Energy Bar with pineapple and almonds. This award-winning bar is packed with 2 full teaspoons of our nutrient-packed Baobab Powder and is a source of fibre and a rich source of vitamin C. 

          Ingredients: Dates, Apple Juice, Dried Pineapple (15%), Baobab Powder (15%), Raisins (Raisins, Sunflower Oil), Almonds (11%) 

          5 x Aduna's Moringa Raw Energy Bar with mango and cashews. Super-charged with a full teaspoon of vitamin & mineral-rich Aduna Moringa Powder. This green goodness bar is a natural source of protein.

          Ingredients: Dates, Cashew Nuts (22%), Dried Mango (20%), Apple Juice, Rice Protein (8%) Moringa Leaf Powder (5%), Ground Ginger.

          5 x Aduna Cacao Raw Energy Bar with walnuts and hibiscus. Each bar contains a full teaspoon of antioxidant-rich cacao powder, a full teaspoon of crunchy cacao nibs and is a source of fibre.

          Ingredients: Dates, Almonds, Walnuts (11%), Cacao Nibs (7%), Cacao Powder (6%), Water, Hibiscus (1%)

          Snacks with a purpose: we source the African ingredients in our bars from small-scale producers, creating sustainable income for rural households

          • No gluten, dairy or wheat containing ingredients
          • Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

          No added sugar 100% natural & organic No additives / preservatives
          I can't recommend these enough. They give you a real boost when you need it most and are full of flavour. Simply on another level to other products out there.
          I was hooked immediately by the great taste and the simple healthy ingredients... these bars are one of the only ones that pass my high standards. You will love them!
          Laurie Urbancik
          Foody, tasty and nutritious and yet not over sweet or oily like other bars... You won't be disappointed!!
          Tim C
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