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Nuts and Blueberries: Janine Hegendorf

 Nuts And Berries: Janine Hegendorf

Janine Hegendorf is the master chef behind Nuts & Blueberries, a vegan food blog filled with fresh, colourful and healthy recipes. Living in Germany with her husband and three cats, Janine is an avid animal and nature lover. She is also very passionate about Africa and travels there every year, which is one of the reasons she supports our mission. We caught up with Janine to find out a little more:   

Describe yourself in a sentence... I am a whole food vegetarian and vegan food lover, yogi and animal friend.

My love for food began... 10 years ago when I realized what bad food does to your body and soul. Changing my diet was the best choice in my life.

My idea of food heaven is... To drink smoothies in all different variations every day, to eat fresh fruits from trees and not to eat processed food.

My Feel Good tips... Listen to your heart and do more of what makes you happy. Only eat foods which make you happy and feel good.

I’m inspired by... So many beautiful food lovers, bloggers and Instagrammers every day. I love to be interactive with other people who share my love of healthy food.

Baobab, Super-Cacao or moringa? Super-Cacao :o)

Head over to Janine's blog Nuts & Blueberries to see some of her delicious creations, or try out her Nutritious Super-Cacao Parfait.