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The Smoothie Agent: Tan Chrissis

Smoothie Agent

If you're looking for smoothie inspiration, check out the Instagram page of Tan Chrissis, better known as The Smoothie Agent. A master of flavours, his page is a collage of colourful smoothies, original taste combinations and all kinds of toppings. Tan is also a big fan of our vibrant super-ingredients and they feature regularly in his creations! 

We thought it was time to find out a little bit more about him: 

Describe yourself in a sentence: I would describe myself as a very easy going and social person! I always bring humour and fun to what I do. I also give my all to anything I participate in, never a half empty cup! Always full!

My love for food began… when I started creating healthier options at university. It then grew into experimenting with tastes and different flavours, combining different elements and textures!

My idea of food heaven is… sweet potato fries with rosemary and garlic salt!

My Feel Good tips…  be yourself because when you are happy, everything else will fit into place! My little mantra is the 3 B's believe, behave, become. Believe in what you want to be, behave in that way and you will become who you aspire to be.

I’m inspired by… all the different cultures we have in London.. its a fantastic city. Sometimes we just need to stop and look around!

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? I am a fan of Super-Cacao for desserts but baobab was a revelation! It's tangy citrus flavour goes with an assortment of goodies! Whether it is with sweet fruit or made with a maple glaze, the options are endless.

Check out Tan's delicious Baobab & Papaya Chunky Smoothie, or visit his Instagram page for more of his smoothie creations.