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Hen's Clean Cakes: Henrietta Inman

Henrietta Inman

Henrietta Inman a is a talented chef, author, blogger and passionate foodie. After being in the industry as a professionally trained pastry chef for many years, she took her skills and knowledge and began applying them to alternative whole food ingredients. 'Clean Cakes' was born! Containing a variety of mouth watering sweet and savoury recipes that contain only natural ingredients, Henrietta is now also the proud owner of an online patisserie. 

We caught up with Henrietta to find out a bit more about her, her motivations and inspiration:

Describe yourself in one sentence… I smile a lot and I want to bring joy to as many people as possible with my real food patisserie!

My love for food began… When I was as young as I can remember, cooking in the kitchen in our farmhouse with my parents and brother and sister using local produce and our home-grown fruits and vegetables.

My idea of food heaven is… A huge summer picnic with all my friends and family made up of delicious wholefoods, local and seasonal ingredients; there would be big and bountiful quiches packed with free range eggs, herbs and vegetables, vibrant salads galore filled with everything from local fish, meat and cheese, to toasted nuts and seeds, dried fruits to add flavour burst and textures and of course, all the vegetables possible! We’d finish with fresh summer fruit and berries and some Clean Cakes, obviously!

My Feel Good tips… Eat real food, get a good night’s sleep, get as much fresh air as possible, smile, laugh and move your body in a way that you love as exercise must be enjoyable! Also, don’t take life too seriously, something I need to think about more often too!

I’m inspired by… All the amazing people, especially incredible women, in the health and wellness industry today. They all push me to do the best I can and believe in myself and my dreams.

Baobab or Moringa or Super-Cacao? Baobab now and again when I want to add a citrus-sherbet hit to my raw desserts, cakes, icings and frostings; Moringa when I’m feeling like a super-green smoothie bowl; Super-Cacao EVERYDAY when I eat my homemade chocolate made with just three ingredients- Aduna Super-Cacao, cacao butter and maple syrup, add a little vanilla if you want and you’re away!

Check out Henrietta's Baobab, Strawberries & Cream Dream Cake or her blog and Instagram for more healthy food inspiration and delicious patisserie.