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Meet Oppo: delicious superfood icecreams

Aduna Loves: Oppo Ice cream

Oppo; delicious guilt-free luxury ice cream

It’s never too cold to treat yourself to an ice cream - especially when you live in the tropical climes of Aduna Towers. Oppo is one of of our favourite new discoveries - mouth-wateringly delicious ice cream that is free from dairy and sugar and charged with superfood goodness. Indulging yourself has never been so healthy.

Oppo was created by two brothers Charlie and Harry who came up with the idea whilst travelling 1000km up the Brazilian coast using kites (as you do). They ran out of supplies so started eating coconuts and the local açaí berry, which sparked a passion for natural ingredients. They decided to create a range of ice creams with a natural twist: replacing the sugar and cream with virgin coconut oil and stevia leaf (sweet, natural, zero calorie) and boosting the flavour with superfoods. The name Oppo signifies the 'opposites' of health and indulgence captured in each tub... the perfect treat for healthy eaters with a sweet tooth. 

Their first range includes salted caramel and lucuma, mint choc swirl with spirulina and our favourite: Madagascan vanilla with Aduna baobab. Thick, silky and indulgent in texture with a sweet and mildly citrussy flavour thanks to the baobab -  with only 82 calories for a two scoop serving, its the ice-cream on the cake.

We can’t wait to see what the next range includes, perhaps a moringa inspired treat?

Oppo is now available online at Ocado and in selected Waitrose stores - grab yourself a tub!

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