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          Chispagram: Chispa Estelles


          The inspired creations of Aduna Feel Good Triber Chispa Estelle never fail to make us hungry here at Aduna Towers. Each decadent recipe is inspired by her love for natural and nutritious (mostly sweet) food. She really is the queen of healthy treats! We asked Chispa our all important 6 questions to find out more about how her journey with food began. 

          Describe yourself in a sentence... 
          My name describes myself better than any sentence. Chispa means 'spark' in Spanish, and this is how I try to live. Putting that spark in everything I make.

          My love for food began...
          Well, I was born in the city where 'paella' was created, Valencia. If you grow up eating paella, you will love food, trust me.

          My idea of food heaven is...
          My food heaven... Chewy bread, allioli sauce and lots of tomatoes... A huge lemon sponge and raw fruits... Mmmm.

          My Feel Good tips...
          Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Quit animal products from your diet and devour tons of raw fruits and veggies. Walk A LOT. I mean, walk until you don't feel your legs any more. I love that feeling...

          I’m inspired by...
          My beautiful Venezuelan mother... Who else? She has it all and she knows everything. A Latin woman, you know.

          Baobab or moringa?
          And the winner is... MORINGA!! Yay! I'm a Moringa girl, I can't help it.

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