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          Kaja Bratvedt

          We first spotted plant-based foodie Kaja on Instagram. Her beautifully created recipes captured our eye and from then, our Instafeed has been filled with her stunning creations. After featuring her delicious Moringa Smoothie Bowl as 'recipe winner' on our newsletter we couldn't wait to find out more about her.. 

          Describe yourself in a sentence... 

          I am a Norwegian go-getter with a passion for whole, natural food, exercise and travelling.  

          My love for food began...

          I have always loved making fresh home made food, but my love for plant-based food began two years ago when I went to boarding school in England. We were served horrible canteen food for all our meals. I could not stand all the unhealthy food they gave us, and started making my own plant-based meals in my dorm instead. Since then I have been hooked, and after I came back home I have made creative, plant-based dishes every day. 

          My idea of food heaven is...

          A big bowl of almond butter milkshake with raspberry chia seed jam - the best combination ever! 

          My Feel Good tips...

          Find hobbies that make you happy and give you energy, and try to make time for them in your everyday life. 

          I’m inspired by... 

          Ella Woodward, not only is she an amazing cook, but she is also a great role model and has been a huge inspiration to me. In my opinion she has found the perfect balance. Her easy and delicious recipes amaze me every time. 

          Baobab or moringa?

          It is a tough decision, but I think I have to go for Baobab. The awesome nutrients and fruity flavour gives an amazing boost to my smoothies and porridges.  

          Head over to Kaja's Instagram to see some of her incredible plant based delights.

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