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The Zesty Lime: Rebecca Elizabeth

We love the creative smoothie bowls and breakfast treats from Aduna Feel Good Triber Rebecca Elizabeth, filled with nutrient dense super-ingredients and decorated with infinite skill. The only downside is that we don't get to taste them! One recipe we'll definitely be recreating is her Cocoa, Coconut & Baobab Porridge - perfect for an Autumn morning. 

We caught up with Rebecca to find out a little bit more about her:

Describe yourself in a sentence…I’m a zesty, bubbly Canadian living in London, who eats mostly vegan, loves making colourful, healthy and delicious food, sings all the time, takes photos of everything, and wants to explore the whole world!

My love for food began…I’ve been a fan of food for as long as I can remember! I used to bake with my Mum when I was a kid, then graduated into making full meals for the family as a teenager. Now food is one of my biggest passions. Cooking and creating food makes me feel energised and peaceful and I love experimenting with new recipes and ingredients, improvising in the kitchen, making healthy and delicious meals to share with others, and of course taking beautiful photos of food too!

My idea of food heaven is… smoothie bowls! Delicious and nutrient-dense smoothies with artistically arranged toppings. They’re the perfect excuse to eat creamy nut butter every morning. I’m also totally addicted to pasta, in any shape or form, although I always top it with lots of veggies!

My Feel Good tips…Eat what makes you feel great! Our bodies are pretty good at telling us what kind of food makes us feel energised and happy, and what makes us feel sluggish or weighed down. The more healthy, nutritious food I put into my body, the less room I have for the junk, and the less interest I have in it, too!

I’m inspired by…All the amazing food bloggers on Instagram! I’d actually never heard of smoothie bowls until I saw some on Instagram a few months ago, and now I’m obsessed! If I ever get into a cooking rut I just browse through healthy, creative food blogs for delicious pictures and recipes and get my inspiration back in no time!

Baobab or moringa? I’m a huge fan of both, but definitely use baobab more often. I use it in any sweet creations I make, from smoothies and porridge to pancakes and vegan peanut butter cups. It’s so versatile and adds an extra boost of nutrition!

You can see some of Rebecca's smoothie bowls, and other delicious recipes, on her Instagram

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