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          Beauty-Boosting Baobab: Superfruit your Skincare

          When it comes to superfoods for healthy, glowing skin, baobab leads the pack. Aduna Baobab was the first food item to be stocked in the beauty halls at prestigious London department stores Liberty and Selfridges where it is listed as "must have" thanks to its many beauty boosting properties.

          With the arrival of Autumn comes colder weather and less daylight meaning a reduction in that oh-so-important skin-loving Vitamin D. It's therefore even more important for us to eat well for our health and immunity and also to take extra care of our skin at this time of year.

          We've put together two all-natural skin care recipes using our Aduna Baobab Superfruit Powder to leave your skin energised, glowing and ready to conquer what Autumn throws your way.

          Baobab & Orange Revitalizer

          Beauty-Boosting Baobab

          Baobab, Honey & Oat Face Scrub

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