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Sailing Through Fitness: Victoria Sardain

Victoria Sardain

Victoria is the positive voice behind the blog Sailing Through Fitness, promoting an active lifestyle and a love of vegan food, yoga and fitness. As an on-the-go adventurer, we love seeing where she'll choose to work out next, what delicious foods she's tried and what health tips she has to offer! We are also huge fans of her Mango, Persimmon and Baobab Smoothie Bowl - yum. 

We caught up with Victoria to find out more about her:

Describe yourself in one sentence....I am an active, energetic, clean eating, fitness lover with a peanut butter addiction who loves staying busy and organized!

My love for food began....literally as long ago as I can remember. When I was a child my friend and I would play pretend with our own made-up restaurant. My idea of weekend fun with my friends would also often include cooking up brunch for my older brother. 

My idea of food heaven is...a fully vegan dessert buffet with every kind of nut butter ever....someone needs to create this!

My Feel Good fuels energy. The more you do, the more you challenge yourself, the more you move your body and fuel it with nutrient-rich whole foods, the more energy you'll have to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. It's a beautiful cycle.

I'm inspired parents. At age 57 they are the most positive, active and healthy people I know, and they literally get fitter with every passing year. Age knows no limits, it's all about setting yourself goals and pushing yourself to achieve them!

Baobab or moringa? I love them both, but I'd have to say baobab. I love adding a spoonful in naturally sweet foods such as smoothies or porridge; the slightly sour, fruity taste of the baobab makes the perfect contrast. Favourite combos: baobab & mango, baobab & coconut, baobab & almond.

You can follow Victoria's journey on her blog and Instagram