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          Nourish Everyday: Monique Cormack

          Nourish Everyday: Monique Cormack

          We recently met the lovely Monique, also known as Nourish Everyday, and fell in love with her passion and positive attitude toward food and healthy eating. Balancing a full time job and a blog is no mean feat, especially when your full time job is a lawyer, but Monique makes it look effortless - and has created her blog to share her experiences and help others find a sense of balance between living a busy yet healthy lifestyle. We caught up with her to find out more:

          Describe yourself in a sentence... I’m a passionate, energetic student nutritionist (and a lawyer!) who genuinely loves her broccoli and helping others learn more about good food and nutrition.

          My love for food began... When I stopped being mean to myself with fad diets and health crazes, started learning about food and the human body, and began working on finding and creating the most delicious ways to nourish myself.

          My idea of food heaven is... An outdoor garden feast with a barbecue (cooking locally-sourced products), an enormous open salad bar and some kind of healthy dessert buffet table. Basically, I’d like an al fresco version of Ottolenghi!

          My Feel Good tips... Make some time to do a healthy grocery shop each week and surround yourself at home with good food, you’re much more likely to eat well then! And, try to get 7-8 hours’ sleep each night; you make much better decisions when you're well rested.

          I’m inspired by... All of my entrepreneurial friends who work so hard and chase their dreams; I know that the sky is the limit for them!

          Baobab, moringa or Super-Cacao? Moringa to energise me and brighten up my morning smoothie. Baobab for desserts and as a secret ingredient to liven up a salad dressing. Super-Cacao for for my daily healthy chocolate hit!

          Head to Monique's blog Nourish Everyday for simple nutrition tips and wholesome recipes.

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