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          CBQuality: Claire Fountain

          Claire Fountain

          Claire Fountain, otherwise known by her social media handle CB Quality, is a yoga instructor whose unorthodox approach has gained her a devoted online following. She created Trill Yoga, a fitness and wellness lifestyle which has become a cultural movement practised around the world. Trill Yoga is a by-product of Claire’s daily lifestyle, both off and on the mat.

          Claire's Instagram is filled with incredible skilful yoga poses that are truly inspiring for any avid yogi. We are thrilled to have her on board for our Make Baobab Famous campaign - check out her amazing 'Tree of Life' yoga pose below.

          We caught up with Claire to find out a little bit more about her: 

          Describe yourself in a sentence: I am.

          My love for food began: I started to love food when I saw how powerful it could be, to myself, my body, my community and my spirit.

          My idea of food heaven is: Greens and more greens! Anything fresh, local, and seasonal in a big bowl, with healthy grains, good seasoning, and lots of flavor!

          My feel good tips: Breathe. Drink more water. Move your body. Love more.

          I’m inspired by: Nature, music, artists, books, smart speakers, anything that shows the vulnerable, fragile and beautiful nature of the human experience.

          Baobab, cacao or moringa? All of the above! Baobab for the sweet, cacao for health and moringa for it’s powers.

          Head over to Trill Yoga for some yoga and health inspiration. 

          Claire Fountain Tree Of Life


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