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Happy Skin Kitchen: Elisa Rossi

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Ever since Elisa moved to London from Italy 7 years ago she has been on a journey in the kitchen. Like many women, after being on the contraceptive pill for many years she struggled with hormone imbalance and skin problems. Transitioning to a mainly plant-based diet, she developed lots of delicious 'skin-friendly' recipes that have benefited her skin and overall health, which she shares on her blog and social media. 

We caught up with Elisa to find out a bit more about her:

Describe yourself in a sentence...Loud, passionate and always hungry for new experiences, new places to visit and obviously food!

My love for food began…I am Italian so I have always loved food but growing up I fell into a “food is the enemy” kind of mentality, so I have really started to enjoy food without any guilt attached since I took on a plant-based diet 3 years ago. Food is now pure joy and happiness!

My idea of food heaven is…Rustic, homemade food with lots of flavour and textures.

My Feel Good tips…Go outside to your garden or to a park, take your shoes off, feel the grass under your toes and just breathe. We tend to forget the incredible healing power that nature has on our mind and body.

I’m inspired by…Everything around me...people on the streets, magazines, books, social media, my cats. Everything can be inspiring if you look at it with a curious and open mind. 

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? As a massive chocolate addict I have to say Super-Cacao! It’s so versatile, I use it in porridge, chia puddings, baking and smoothies. It makes everything taste like heaven!

Check out Elisa's delicious Baobab & Orange Tartlets or her blog and Instagram for more healthy food inspiration.