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          Healthy BBQ Recipes

          Summer wouldn't be complete without a BBQ (or three) to get all your close friends and family together and cook up a storm. This year, why not get your creative juices flowing and use ingredients that are not only good for you but won't leave you feeling like you've overdone it (*puts down fourth sausage). 

          We've handpicked some of our favourite healthy BBQ recipes, all boosted with our feel good superfoods Baobab, Moringa & Super-Cacao to create the perfect homemade feast. Including a fruity marinade that will spice up those corn on the cobs, hearty veggie burgers that would convert even the biggest meat-lover, and a baobab spritzer to wash down all that food! 

          Marinated Vegetable Skewers

          Vegetable Skewers

          There's something about food on a stick that is extremely inviting...and with bright colours from the vegetables and moringa marinade, these skewers are no exception! What's so great about this dish is that the punchy green marinade gives you a nutrition boost and delivers on flavour. You can swap the vegetables for meat or fish, or take out the halloumi so it's completely vegan. 

          The Ultimate Veggie Burger 

          The Ultimate Veggie Burger

          Veggies rejoice! These chunky, flavoursome burgers are filled to the brim with vegetables, pulses and a generous helping of baobab powder. Slather with houmous, a slice of avocado and drop into a seeded bun and you have a nutrient-dense burger worthy of any BBQ banquet.  

          Moringa & Avocado Potato Salad

          Potato Salad

          What BBQ is complete without a potato salad? This healthy twist on a classic is made with nutrient-rich avocados and moringa instead of mayonnaise, so it's creamy and delicious without being too heavy. Serve as a side salad and you'll keep everyone's tummy's happy! 

          Corn On The Cob With A Sweet Chilli Baobab Marinade

          Corn On The Cob With Baobab Dressing

          You'll never want corn on the cob again without this tangy, sweet and spicy sauce covering it. Supercharged with fibre-rich baobab fruit, this healthy BBQ marinade is delicious, good for you, and works well on fish and meats too. 

          Healthy Chocolate Ice Lollies

          Healthy Chocolate Lollies

          Leave your guests with a sweet taste in their mouth with these fudgy, melt in the mouth chocolate ice lollies. They are boosted with 4 teaspoons of flavanol-rich Super-Cacao powder, which is a rich source of protein and rich in fibre - dessert with a difference! 

          Baobab Summer Fruits Spritzer

          Baobab Summer Fruit Spritzer

          Wash all that healthy BBQ food down with a glass of this super-refreshing, citrussy baobab spritzer. Rich in vitamin C and with more antioxidants than any other fruit, baobab helps support energy release and healthy skin. Go on - sip your way to a glowing complexion! 

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