Jules Healthy Way: Julia Muck

Jules Healthy Way

We've been following @Jules.healthyway's Instagram account for some time now and her wholesome creations and colourful breakfast bowls always stand out in our feed. We caught up with Jules to find out more about her passion for healthy living, where she gets her inspiration and her favourite foods: 

Describe yourself in a sentence...I am healthy living and food crazy! I love practicing yoga and preparing healthy food - everything from breakfast through to dinner and sweet treats.

My love of food began....during my time at University. I began to cook a lot on my own and to think about what I was actually eating. Over the last few years my passion for healthy food and healthy cooking has grown and I I love to prepare fresh and nourishing meals to share with others. 

My idea of food heaven...is my quinoa-nut bars. The base is made of popped quinoa, almonds, lots of Medjool dates, cashew butter, coconut oil and baobab powder. The second layer is frozen berries, cashew nuts and more dates. Everything is topped with dark chocolate - heavenly! 

My Feel Good tips...think about what you eat, prepare most of your own food, eat less processed foods and, most importantly, enjoy everything you eat! Oh, and add baobab powder to everything! 

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? I'd have to say Baobab, but I haven't tried Super-Cacao yet! 

Check out Julia's Apple, Baobab & Cinnamon Chia Porridge or her Instagram account for daily recipe inspiration.