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Leitchy Creates: Jordan Leitch

Aduna Triber Leitchy Creates

Meet Aduna Feel Good Triber Jordan, also known as Leitchy Creates in the health food world. Through her delicious recipes, tips, tricks and advice she aims to help others lead a happy and healthy life both mentally and physically.

We caught up with Jordan to find out more about her, her feel good advice and her favourite super-ingredient: 

Describe yourself in a sentence...I'm grain-free, healthy food and treat crazy and I love photography, food styling and experimenting with new flavours and ingredients from my travels and experiences. 

My love for food began...I always loved to bake from a young age but I properly began to love and really want to learn and experiment with food after becoming intolerant to grains and gluten. I wanted to create delicious and healthy meals that were free from refined sugar, grains and gluten and still tasted like the real deal. I don't want my creations to taste healthy but I want people to feel healthy and energised after eating them. I also wanted to find a way to heal myself naturally after being prescribed 25 tablets a day to cure my digestive issues and suffering with anxiety, depression and an eating disorder. Now I'm healthy, happy and spreading the word about mood and food issues, along with setting up my own healthy, grain, gluten, refined sugar and dairy free treat business.

My idea of food heaven is...Anything nut butter! I'm obsessed...I go through a jar a week! I'm one of those people who walks into the kitchen and grabs a spoon, the jar and then shoves a generous spoonful of nut butter in my mouth to enjoy the clogginess! My go to snack is yoghurt and frozen raspberries mixed together with granola and then drowned in nut butter, preferably almond or cashew! 

My Feel Good advice...Always focus on the present, the positive and how far you've come, not how far you've got to go. Always try new things, new flavours, textures and ways of eating and preparing foods. Keep things interesting and exciting!

I am inspired by...The Hemsley & Hemsley sisters - they truly saved my gut and educated me on digestion and proper food. Everything wholesome and simple! I'm also inspired a lot by my travels and eating out. I get inspired by food combinations, flavours and the way that things are presented. I then like to recreate what I've tasted when I'm home, whether that be an exact recreation or a dish inspired by the flavours or presentation I experienced. 

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? Super-Cacao all the way, even though my recipe (below) uses baobab. I consume cacao in some shape or form every day of my life as it's just so tasty! I like to put it in savoury dishes - my favourite being my walnut chilli con veggie! 

Check out the recipe for Jordan's Raspberry & Baobab Cheesecake Squares or her blog and Instagram for more healthy food and lifestyle inspiration.