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Nourishing Amelia: Amelia Littlejohn

Nourishing Amelia: Amelia Littlejohn

Meet Amelia! After suffering with PCOS and Coeliac disease, Amelia changed her eating habits, transformed to a plant-based diet and has never looked back! She set up her blog, Nourishing Amelia, to inspire and help others lead a happy, healthy life.

We caught up with Amelia to find out a bit more about her, her inspirations and her favourite super-ingredient! 

Describe yourself in a sentence...My love of food began after a long battle with depression and an anxiety disorder and being diagnosed with both Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Coeliac Disease. I began to realise that if I wanted to be well again I needed to look at the food I was putting into my body, so I educated myself on nutrition and how food has a direct impact on how we feel, not just physically but also mentally. I overhauled my eating habits, gave up refined sugar, processed foods and dairy to make the transition to a plant-based diet. I noticed my body started to feel healthier and happier almost immediately! I began experimenting in the kitchen, creating delicious meals, tasty snacks and sweet treats that were all healthy, gluten free and vegan but also wonderfully tasty, of course! After seeing and feeling this amazing change in myself, I became passionate about sharing it with others.

My idea of food heaven is…either a big bowl of porridge with blueberry compote, almond butter and seeds or I'm a huge fan of what I liked to call a 'lots of bits and pieces lunch'. I love setting out mini dishes on the table and trying them all, like tapas I suppose! I'd have mashed avocado with lemon & chilli flakes, homemade hummus, olives, cherry tomatoes, quinoa tabbouleh, the cannelloni bean dip from my blog, carrot sticks, sliced red & yellow pepper, potato salad....I could go on and on!

My Feel Good tips are…to move your body every single day, whether it's going for a walk, a 30 minute yoga flow or a hardcore gym session, moving your body every single day is vital for both your physical and mental health. I find if I don't get any exercise during the day I feel sluggish, lethargic and my happiness levels drop. Find a form of exercise you enjoy too, don't push yourself through a circuits class if you don't enjoy it - that won't do your mind or body any favours! I'd also say eat the food you love and never punish yourself for eating foods that may be deemed 'unhealthy' - life's for living and food is there to be enjoyed, not to be feared.

I’m inspired by…people who are themselves. We live in a society that has very specific requirements in order for you to 'fit in' or 'be normal' and I'm inspired by anyone who doesn't feel the need or desire to conform to society's exceptions. I think it's so sad when people are pushed into doing the norm because it's what's expected of them. We get one life, we should live it the way that makes us happiest.

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? Super-Cacao is my favourite superfood! It's healthy chocolate, need I say more?

Check out Amelia's Superfood Rocky Road or her blog and Instagram for more healthy food and lifestyle inspiration. 

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