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          The Glow Within: Lucie McAdams

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          We love the delicious creations of Lucie Adams, the genius behind The Glow Within. With a passion for vegan food, plant based living, and Ayurveda practices, Lucie's blog combines a mixture of beautiful photography, tasty food creations (like this Summer Moringa Smoothie Bowl) and tips & reviews on vegan-friendly products.

          We caught up with Lucie to find out a bit more about her: 

          Describe yourself in a sentence...Feisty, fiercely passionate, wildly creative; a dreamer. 

          My love for food began….In my early twenties when I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition. I started doing research and took inspiration from foodies like Kirss Carr and began to realise not only what a huge impact the quality of our food has on our mind and body, but also how much more delicious healthy food can be.

          My idea of food heaven is…Weekends filled with voluptuous bowls of oatmeal (with all the toppings), sipping almond cappuccinos and munching on raw brownies with friends, and an evening tucked up on the sofa eating Aromatic Thai Vegetable Curry made with nuts and crispy crusted tofu. Heaven.

          My Feel Good tips…Your biggest teacher is your last mistake, nothing is worth it if you aren't happy, and, fill your life with experiences; not things.

          I’m inspired by…beautiful art, deep conversation, sunrises, culture, and stories of those who have overcome adversity against all odds.

          Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? Most definitely baobab. It's tart, zesty, with hint of citrus, maybe lime, and a sweet undertone, theres nothing quite like it and its so good in oatmeal, smoothies, jams, raw cakes, and its packed full of antioxidants too.

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