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The Healthy Beard: Tiago Fragoso

Aduna Feel Good Triber Tiago

Meet Aduna Feel Good Triber and talented recipe creator Tiago. With a passion for teaching and leading a healthy lifestyle, Tiago set up his Instagram account to inspire and show others that leading a vegetarian/vegan diet is far from limited. 

We caught up with Tiago to find out more about him, his feel good advice and his favourite Aduna super-ingredient: 

Describe yourself in a sentence... A creative individual who loves to travel, experience new countries and culture. A lover of great food and music.

My love for food began...I have always been passionate about food. My mother used to be a chef and I have always grown up with home-cooked food in Portugal. Traditional Portuguese food was and still is part of my life. My passion really began when I decided to stop eating meat and fish and decided to start sharing pictures of my food, especially breakfasts.

My idea of food heaven is... I love a good food market with locally sourced ingredients. I also love discovering new restaurants and cafes as well as trying out new dishes. My food heaven is ramen soups - I could eat them EVERY DAY! Living in London is great as it gives me the opportunity to attend different food festivals and markets and taste a variety of different vegetarian foods from around the world.

My Feel Good tips...Never compare yourself to others. Be creative and learn from your mistakes, especially when cooking. I find that listening to my favourite music albums often helps me feel good. 

I’m inspired by...As a creative individual I am inspired by anything around me - art, food, music, nature and other people's Instagram accounts.

Baobab or Moringa or Super-Cacao?'s such a versatile product and is  amazing in smoothies, homemade chocolate and baking.

Check out the recipe for Tiago's Spiced Puffed Rice Bars featuring Aduna Super-Cacao Powder, or head over to his Instagram page for more delicious recipes and inspiration. 

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