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The Vegan Option: Claudia & Allan

Aduna Tribers Claudia & Allan

Meet talented food duo Claudia & Allan, more commonly known in the health world as The Vegan Option. Despite different professional backgrounds and personal interests, the London-based Italian couple always shared a huge love for good food and healthy living. After both deciding to adopt a mostly plant-based diet, cooking and eating became initially harder but unquestionably more colourful and interesting...and The Vegan Option was born.

We caught up with the pair to find out more about them, their feel good advice and their favourite super-ingredient: 

Describe yourselves in a sentence…A vibrant, creative and passionate couple of plant-based and balanced living advocates, who love to inspire people to appreciate simple food, explore the world and live life to the fullest!

Our love for food began… 

A: At a very young age. I spent my childhood in Italy and over there food is such a big part of everyone’s life…it’s illegal not to be a foodie!

C: When I was 16 years old. I suddenly started researching about nutrition and got really intrigued on how food could massively affect people's health and quality of life. That’s when I started creating my “magic potions”!

Our idea of food heaven is...

A: A vegan parmigiana, which is a traditional dish from the South of Italy made from aubergines with a small vegan twist. 

C: A large table filled with small, colorful and multi-ethnic tapas featuring all sorts of ingredients. Just one rule…everything has to be cold (I know, I am weird!).

Our Feel Good Advice...

A: Try and cook as much as possible with new ingredients.

C: Be curious about food, play with ingredients, eat mindfully and learn how nutritional choices affect not only you but also the planet.

We are inspired by… 

A: Anyone that does what they believe in and does what they can to help other people. 

C: Determined, strong and fun people who always strive to make the most out of every situation.

Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? 

A: Baobab for life!

C: Moringa, Moringa, Moringa! I can’t stop sprinkling this green powder on everything!

Check out the recipe for Claudia & Allan's delicious Green post-workout Smoothie featuring Aduna Baobab Powder or head over to their blog for more healthy food and lifestyle inspiration. 

Fancy the trip of a lifetime? The Vegan Option still have a few spots for their retreat to Bali from 12th-18th August 2017. Imagine a week of yoga, wellbeing, plant-based food, mindfulness and relaxing amongst peaceful rice fields and stunning landscapes. Sounds pretty good to us! Find out more