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Chelsea Parsons: Well & Happy

Chelsea Parsons is a passionate recipe creator, yoga and fitness fanatic and lover of food. She is also the lady behind Well and Happy, one of our favourite blogs and Instagram accounts. 

With 90% of our serotonin receptors found in our stomachs, it makes sense that eating well contributes to our happiness levels. The aim of Well and Happy is to inspire us all to be the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves, featuring recipes, inspiration, tips, reviews and interviews to keep our minds and bodies in sparkling shape.  We got in touch with Chelsea to find out more.

My love for food began...When studying Kinesiology. It gave me a real insight into the different ways we can have positive and negative impacts on both our bodies, our minds and our lives in general - simply with food. 

My idea of food heaven is...Drinking from a freshly cracked coconut and eating fruit straight from the tree... on a beach, in the sun!

My Feel Good tips are...Be balanced. Know that there is not a one size fits all rule when it comes to diets, or food principles, so avoid labels and get to know your body, what it thrives on and what it doesn't.

I'm inspired by...Everyone around me in the health and food industry... its such a friendly, positive and loving community and I absolutely love being a part of it all.

Baobab or moringa? I'm going to have to say Moringa. Whilst I love Baobab and do use it a lot, Moringa wins for me - purely because of its nutrient content. Also because I love the hashtag '#dothemoringa'!!

To check out Chelsea's delicious recipes and wellness advice, visit and follow @well_and_happy on Instagram.