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My Life is for Living: Hannah Webb

Hannah Webb is a full time foodie, Psychology student and wellness warrior, currently splitting her time between London and Bath. She is the busy lady behind the Instagram and blog My Life Is For Living where she shares her passion for food and health, learning to embrace life in a healthy and wholesome way and to live it to the full. 

We caught up with Hannah to find out more about her:

Describe yourself in a sentence...  I’m Hannah, the little lady behind My Life Is For Living, I’m a self-confessed tea and coffee snob, raw cacao lover and full time yogi who can’t go a day without being outside.

My love for food began... As soon as I was allowed to lick the wooden spoon! For as long as I can remember I have loved to cook and experiment in the kitchen.  Nowadays I am passionate about healthy, wholesome nutrition, making sure it always tastes delicious too!

My idea of food heaven is... Mornings with endless fresh juicy berries and Greek yoghurt in the sunshine, and evenings filled with warming cups of herbal tea and cheeky bars of raw chocolate.  I would also never say no to a portion of freshly baked spicy sweet potato wedges…

My Feel Good tips...Start each day with a smile and always find a moment in the day to get out into the sunshine! I’m also one to recommend a little bit of forward planning, to always be prepared. I’ve even been nicknamed a squirrel by some as I’m always carrying some sort of nibbles around in my handbag; anything from raw brownies, to boiled eggs, to almond butter sachets!

I’m inspired by... Those around me with positive energy – my friends, my family, my yoga teachers, my health blogging community! I admire the amazing strength and determination in others to overcome challenges and strive to achieve what they wish for.

Baobab or moringa? Definitely baobab at the moment as I love its fruity zinginess! It’s so tasty and easy to get creative with especially with oats, waffles, cakes and much, much more.

You can follow Hannah's journey and see more of her tasty recipes on her blog and Instagram.