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Liz Earle Wellbeing: Boosting Health & Beauty from Within

Liz Earle Wellbeing

As a health and beauty editor, author of over 30 books and hugely successful entrepreneur, Liz Earle is one of the most respected wellness experts in the industry. She is an advocate of using natural botanicals that make us feel and look good - a passion that we share at Aduna!

Following the launch of her new magazine Liz Earle Wellbeing, we caught up with Liz to find out what she's up to, find out her top health and beauty tips, and hear more about her work in Kenya:

Tell us all about your new venture, Liz Earle Wellbeing, and why you’re so passionate about lending your voice to wellness?

Liz Earle Wellbeing is really an extension of what I’ve spent the last 30 years researching and writing about. I started off in journalism and publishing at the very beginning of my career, before going on to co-found Liz Earle Beauty Co., but I’ve always been interested in getting to the heart of what it means to live well. Wellbeing is an all-encompassing thing - it’s not just about what we eat or don’t eat, although that can be important, but it’s also about being ‘well’ in a wider sense. My first book, Vital Oils, was published in 1991 and, quite controversially at the time, spoke about the importance of including essential fatty acids (found in plant oils) in our diet - something which for so long was shunned in the mass media in favour of the ‘low-fat’ diet myth. That’s why I will never be about extremes and faddy trends - I’m all about a well-researched and balance perspective. That’s the intention behind my new magazine - creating a place for reliable, relevant and easily-digestible information on health, beauty, food, farming and everything in-between. I want to open up a dialogue about things that are really important to so many of us - such as sustainable eating, organic farming, feel-good food, natural health and beauty (to name a few!) - and I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position to be able to engage publicly on these topics, as well as creating some wonderful and beautiful content along the way. 

What are your top tips for boosting our health and beauty from within?

So often it can be small tweaks and additions to our everyday lives that can make a huge difference to how we feel and look. For me, it’s always been about balance - everything in moderation, but also about adding things into my daily routine - such as a morning juice, a brisk walk, drinking enough water and healthy snacking (almonds are amongst my favourites). It’s these sort of things that will help us see a real difference in how we look and feel. Simple swaps can also be an effortless way to improve our diet. I’m a huge fan of spiralizing - being able to eat my favourite pasta sauces without always having to devour a huge bowl of pasta is great, and I’ve had lots of fun with the children making the cauliflower pizza bases from my Autumn magazine. Swapping one of your daily coffees for a mug of hot water with fresh ginger, lemon and manuka honey is a great way, especially in winter, to help boost our immune system. Beauty-wise, I find that splashing my face in the morning with icy cold water can work wonders, as well as making sure to Cleanse & Polish my face twice a day too, of course!

How do you put wellness at the forefront of your day? What is your morning routine?

I start my day with one or two of my organic eggs from the Maran hens on my farm - always medium-boiled. I think once you’ve tasted a truly organic, happy egg, no other egg will ever suffice - I even take my eggs with me when I’m travelling! I also try to have a juice in the morning - particularly in the winter months - when my body really appreciates that extra nutritional hit. It’s an effortless (and delicious) way to make sure we get all our vitamins. I also find that my most productive days are had when I’ve been physically active in the morning in some way - whether that’s a run in the park, or simply a walk in the fresh air, it can make a huge difference. 

You own an organic farm in the West Country. How important is it to eat organic?

Eating organic makes perfect sense to me. It’s no secret that our food system is in a state of crisis, and change needs to happen, from both a policy and government level but also from the grass roots up - i.e what we buy as consumers. It is of course unrealistic at this stage to expect that all farming is going to become certified organic, but what we should be demanding, as consumers, is that the food we buy and eat has been produced ethically and sustainably. Organic principles make sure of this. My worry is that there is increasingly a disconnection between farm and plate - it can be really difficult to know exactly where your food comes from, especially when you’re eating out at restaurants. Transparency for me is key. But I do feel hopeful that it is being talked about more, and people are starting to become more conscious of what they’re feeding themselves and their families - it’s certainly a start. But the more noise we make - whether it’s signing petitions, supporting the Soil Association, or simply buying organic food and pasture-fed meat and dairy produce here and when we can - the more likely change will happen on a larger scale. 

Do you have any fail-safe healthy recipes you always cook for your family?

As any parents will know, family cooking needs to be two things - fuss-free and time-efficient! I have five children - ranging in ages, and have through the years equipped myself with some trusty, child-friendly and nutritious recipes that I know I can rely on when I need to get good food on the table, and quick! One of my favourite go-to recipes has to be a 'one pot' I make with chicken, squash, sweet corn and beans (recipe is in my current autumn mag). Another family favourite you can’t go wrong with is making a big batch of simple pesto (blending up walnuts/almond/pine nuts with olive oil, parsley, garlic, parmesan & lemon juice) and serving it with wholemeal pasta or a baked sweet potato. My week night suppers are a regular feature in my magazine because I know how helpful it is to arm yourself with lots of delicious, quick and easy-to-make recipes. 

Like us, you are very passionate about Africa. What is it about Africa that you are so drawn to, and can you tell us more about your work with communities in Kenya?

I've been drawn to Africa ever since my early field-trips sourcing and researching botanics for the beauty company. It was always a priority for me to make sure that the ingredients we were using for the products were not only natural and effective, but also sustainably and ethically sourced, and were helping to support local communities. Added to that, my husband lived for a long time in Kenya and Tanzania, and so also helped introduce me to the magic of East Africa, and it’s become very close to my heart. I set up the charity Live Twice to offer support and funding for community projects, both in Europe and Africa, to help provide opportunity to women and children in particular. My philosophy for LiveTwice, and social enterprise in general, is that people should be given ‘a hand up not a hand out’. I’m also a patron of Ace Africa and have made several trips to visit projects that help widows and orphans ravaged by HIV-AIDS to build sustainable vegetable gardens to grow immune-supporting produce. 

What are your favourite ways of using baobab and/or moringa? 

I love to mix baobab into my morning juice and smoothies, or - particularly as the winter is approaching - into my porridge. I have been known to spoon out baobab from the tin as I find its tangy taste incredibly morish! Moringa is also a wonderful addition to a green smoothie. I first found these wonder-powders on safari in Kenya, so it’s wonderful to find them on the shelves of my local shops now too!

Liz Earle Wellbeing Magazine

Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine is full of advice, recipes and beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling your best every season. You can find out more and subscribe here.


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