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          Nutritional Therapist Rose Glover


          Rose is a nutritional therapist who is passionate about showing people how to overcome their health concerns through specialized nutrition and good food. After making the switch to a healthy lifestyle whilst living in the States, Rose moved back to the UK, completed a nutritional therapy degree and is  now using her knowledge to guide, encourage and support women in their own journeys towards better health.

          We caught up with Rose to find out a little more about her love for good food and her top tips for optimum health.

          Describe yourself in a sentence... Nutrition geek, foodie, animal and nature lover, positive and fun.

          My love for food began... As a youngster growing up in Ireland, I was a very fussy eater– from the age of 4 I refused to eat any animal products, any ‘mixed’ foods (it had to be plain!) and apparently anything ‘wet’ (sorry mum). However, I did grow out of that phase and in my early twenties I was living in Los Angeles working as an actress – and the food out there was light, delicious, nutritious and super healthy - and I was hooked! I finally found a type of food that suited me and of course, I felt absolutely amazing.

          That started me on a health and foodie journey which eventually saw me going back to university to study my passion - Nutritional Therapy.

          My idea of food heaven is... This is a tough one – it completely depends on my mood but I don’t think I would ever say no to a big cold glass of alkalising smoothie or juice, packed with veggies, juicy fruits and superfoods. I’m also a bit of an avocado-holic, so my avo-toast is my breakfast heaven.

          My Feel Good tips... Being healthy isn’t just about what you eat – it all starts with your mindset so start there! Love yourself the way you want others to love you  - that includes what you say to yourself daily and what you feed yourself. Fall in love with the process of becoming healthy and the results will come. And remember, progress not perfection!

          I’m inspired by... Anyone who has the passion and bravery to tell their story.

          Baobab or moringa?

          Can I choose both?! I like to put both these in my smoothies as the vitamin C in the baobab increases the absorption of all the iron in the moringa .. win win!

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