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          Nari Palm Juice: a Taste of Africa!

           Aduna Palm Nari Juice

          This week at Aduna Towers, we've been sipping on Nari Palm Juice's ethically-sourced range of refreshing, healthy and totally delicious palm juice drinks. For thousands of years, the sweet sap of the palm tree has been identified as a ‘spiritual’ drink and we are definitely feeling the Feel Good benefits! 

          Nari Palm Juice is an Africa-inspired health brand and social business. Their brand and products embrace the spirituality of West Africa and the region's colourful, creative and ancient culture. Their mission is to create demand for palm sap based drinks and to educate small-scale tappers and producers in West Africa to ethically source palm produce using innovative methods.

          Nari means ‘100’ in Igbo, the local language of the Igbo people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. They are called Igbo because all their drinks are 100% natural. Nari uses traditional methods to extract the white palm sap from coconut palm trees and to infuse the sap with natural ingredients. 

          Nari Juices come in two delicious flavours: Apple & Mint and Lemon & Ginger and are available to buy at Selfridges or online at and

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