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          Naturally Sassy: Saskia Gregson-Williams

          Naturally Sassy

          Meet Saskia! Founder of healthy recipe & wellbeing blog Naturally Sassy and author of the recipe book by the same name, Saskia has been part of the Aduna Feel Good Tribe from nearly the beginning of our journey - creating delicious, super-charged recipes for our website and even catering the launch party for our Moringa Superleaf Powder.

          We chatted to Saskia about getting inspired, finding balance and loving raw chocolate!

          Describe yourself in a sentence...I’m addicted to my work, passionate about food and a strong believer of a balanced life.

          My love for food began…When I realised I had to change what I eat to fuel and nourish my body in a way that not only enables me to feel my best but tastes delicious; I started to get creative in the kitchen, and I guess the rest is history!

          My idea of food heaven is…A lifetime supply of smashed avo on toast, it just never gets old. 

          My Feel Good tips…I’m extremely intuitive with the foods that I put into my body. It’s always good to listen to what your body is telling you. I would say, as obvious as it sounds, find some exercise that motivates you and you will enjoy, eat foods that will nourish your body as much as you can, and take time to make sure you do things which genuinely make you happy.

          I’m inspired by…My sister! She’s a mum, hugely successful businesswoman and one of my closest friends. I’m continually inspired by people that find good balance in their lives, and work hard to achieve incredible things. I'm also inspired by the work I do and get pretty restless when I have days off; the health and wellbeing industry is not going anywhere any time soon, and if anything, will continue to thrive - it’s such a positive thing to be a part of!

          Baobab, Moringa or Super-Cacao? If this was any other company I would have to say cacao because I am partial to something raw and chocolatey! However I was a part of Aduna's Moringa launch and have created many recipes with delicious Baobab, so I really do love them all and can’t choose a favourite!

          We have plenty of Saskia's delicious creations on our recipe page or you can check out The Naturally Sassy blog for tons more recipes and healthy living inspiration.  Keep an eye out for her regular supper clubs and events too!

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